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Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash Shortly after Easter this year I got a very bad concussion that left me on full bed rest for three weeks and semi bed rest for another 3 weeks. For the first three weeks after the diagnosis I was not allowed to use a computer or a phone. I could not even watch TV. I was only allowed to sleep or take a walk if I felt good. The first couple of weeks were hard. The following weeks were better as I learned how to pace myself. I realized that my body was quite adept at letting me know when it had had enough. And so I listened to me and surprisingly, I learned a lot about myself.  For the first time in my life I was able to rest without guilt and it was wonderful. I unplugged and reconnected with nature and it made me incredibly happy. This enabled me to see ME for the first time in what seemed like forever and I started to understand what was missing in my life, what I needed and what I no longer needed.  For a very long time I have equated

Intermiel in Saint-Eustache

Intermiel is a honey producer in Saint-Eustache, Quebec and I love to go there. Not only because it is relatively close to Montreal - about 45 minutes no traffic - but because the drive up is so lovely. All along the way you will find farmers selling their wares as well as apple orchards and another favorite place of mine, La Maison Lavande. 

Today I decided to go and stock up on beeswax supplies at Intermiel and lavender at La Maison Lavande and was happily surprised to see that Intermiel had completely renovated their boutique and learning spaces (this is a popular school field trip). Here are a few pics from my visit. 

Many different kinds of honey

Beeswax and beeswax candles

Many products made with their honey

The tasting area - YUM!

The different kinds of honey

The Candy bar


This is a great place to bring your kids. You can taste the honey, learn how it's produced and walk away with some very interesting products without breaking the bank. Please click here for more info. 


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