Edible Flower Fairy Cakes

I have a sweet tooth. I admit it. And my favorite sweet is a little cake called a "petit four". The cake is pretty plain but the fondant that covers the cake is what makes it awesome. You can't have more than one without feeling like a 4 year old on a sugar high but they are my favorite cakes to have with a cup of tea. They are also very pretty to look at. 

These almond fairy cakes are very similar to my lovely "petit fours" but I would assume, a little less sweet given that the fondant doesn't cover the entire cake. I can appreciate that. I can also appreciate the candied edible borage flowers that Lindsay has put on top. I'm a big fan of using edible flowers on cakes and in salads so finding a simpler version of my favorite cake decorated with an edible flower made me very happy. Please visit love and olive oil for the complete recipe and many more lovely photos. 


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