It's All Good - Gwyneth Paltrow's New Cookbook

Generally I follow an Ayurvedic diet but I was intrigued by this cookbook after I saw Ellen interview Gwyneth on her show. I love vegetarian and vegan cooking even though I'm what you'd call a Flexitarian (someone who eats some sort of meat, chicken or turkey in my case, twice a week) so I finally decided to pick it up and I must say that I'm quite happy that I did. There are many recipes that I am looking forward to making - which says a lot about the cookbook because I'm a most reluctant chef - and I also liked the fact that each recipe corresponds to an index - elimination diet, vegan, protein-packed. Gwyneth also has menus at the back of her book which correspond to various diets such as "Family Friendly", "Body builder", "Vegan", "Detox" and "Healthy Every Day Eating" which have recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like this part a lot as it does the planning aspect for me which saves me time. Not to say that I won't deviate but it's a good starting point. So I'm going to try out some recipes this week so I'll keep you posted.
xo Tracey


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