Natural Swimming Pools

I love the idea of a natural swimming pool and I especially like the one above. Imagine looking out into your backyard and seeing one of these. Even if you lived in the middle of the city you can make it look like you're way out in the Country just by the plants you choose. An eco-system is created using plants that help filter the water without the use of harsh chemicals. These plants not only help to keep your water clean but attract other elements of nature such as frogs and insects. I know that doesn't sound appealing but it's really not bad at all. I used to swim in ponds as a young girl and trust me, this is wayyy better! We used to have to worry about leeches sticking to our skin and they are NOT FUN to remove. These pools, although some may look like a pond, do not share the same eco-system. Since you will add a pool filter to the pool, the water will keep moving and thus be kept alive and clean. Non-moving water becomes stagnant and attracts all kinds of unwanted things yuck! 

For those of you who feel you could tackle this project yourself please see the youtube video below.

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