Living off the Grid in a small shed

I am so impressed with this little house that I want to run out and buy a piece of land and build one myself. I love the idea of a small place in the Country with only the bare necessities. I also really like the idea of living off the grid. I don't know if solar power is an option here as winter is long with very little sunlight (this house is located in Melbourne, Australia) but I'm going to find out. The original idea was to build a shed so that the owners could visit their horse George on the weekends and then it evolved into this beautiful, solar-powered house. Please click here for the full story.  
 With a wall of window's both in front and in back, George is easy to find.
 What a view!

For full story and more photos please visit Remodelista


  1. Oh gorgeous! And so serene...I think I need a getaway like this!


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