Backyard Inspiration - Part 5

Although it has been simply frigid here for the last week with only a slight reprieve forecast for next week, I have decided to move on from winter. I've had enough! So that said, I am now planning out phase 2 of our backyard makeover. Here are a few pictures that have inspired me of late.
I love the segments of wood decking and grass. I find that it not only adds visual interest but it creates little rooms in the back yard which I like. I also find wood much warmer than stone so I am partial to this type of a look.  
I really like the way the wood has been created to form a dividing wall here and I absolutely have to have a gas fire pit. After converting our non functioning wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace this year, I just can't get enough of the look and feel of them. Marshmallows anyone?
all pics via my Pinterest


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