DIY: Sugar Hearts

Valentine's day is coming up so naturally Pinterest is filled with hearts and heart recipes and this particular one caught my eye (must be all the pink!). Since I like to use raw sugar cubes when guests come over, I thought that these would be a nice alternative. However, raw sugar is brown so I don't think the colors would turn out which means that I would have to use plain white granulated sugar instead (egads!) but I think it would be worth it for the visual. Plus sugar hearts would work anytime of the year not only on Valentine's day. You could easily serve them alongside some hot cocoa when you're entertaining or put two on a saucer with a cappuccino for your special someone. Click here for tutorial. 


  1. OMG yes!! This is the cutest thing ever! You're totally right - they would go PERFECTLY with the heart-shaped tea!! Thanks for sharing this Tracey! xo


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