Reclaimed Barnwood and Rope Home

I first saw this home on Desire to Inspire and had to investigate Bates Masi Architects immediately thereafter. The beauty of the renovation combined with the natural materials used to finish the interiors was right up my alley. On the outside I just love the way this home melts into it's surroundings. The trees stand like sentinels along one side and the pool shines like a mirror to the sky. On the inside of the home the ceiling was finished with rope woven between the wooden joists. According to the info on the Bates Masi Architects site this is because the rope acts as an acoustic baffle which promotes sound from the overhead speakers while muffling the background noise (I learn something new every day!). Also, many of the interior walls, the kitchen island and bathroom were constructed using reclaimed barnwood. Beautiful and eco-friendly, my favorite kind of d├ęcor!


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