Gingerbread man

There really is a Gingerbread man and his name is Richard Palframan
Last week, while visiting a friend in Ottawa, I came across this little shop in Manotick called the "Gingerbread Man". As the name suggests the store sells gingerbread and oh my, what fabulous gingerbread it is (just look at the photo of my friend Stefania's daughter Alexia if you want to see how good it really was!).
Palframan, a golf pro and five star chef, decided to make some gingerbread for the Christmas season nine years ago. He hasn't looked back since. Now a full time passion you may find Palframan cooking up a storm (and if you're lucky like we were, able to get a cookie fresh out of the oven) Tuesday through Sunday. 

This slot machine actually works - see coins below!

My friend Stefania and her daughter Alexia who's hoping for a little more cookie!


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