Latest crush: Cape Cod Cottage

How can anyone resist the charm of Cape Cod. I went there a few years ago and became intoxicated with the wind swept dunes, the clam chowder, the wonderful beaches and the people. I also fell in love with their homes. In my opinion there is one word to describe a Traditional Cape Cod home and that is Serene. The use of blue's, yellow's and green's just makes everything seamless and calm. This house from BHG is just the perfect example of what I'm talking about however they've gone one step further and incorporated bright colors with a neutral backdrop. I could move in there and I wouldn't change a thing!

 I am totally smitten with this pink couch! 
 I can just imagine reading a book here, looking out onto the ocean.....sigh.....

 Did you notice the orange mugs with the Peace sign on them.......awesome!!
 I love this' so sunny!


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