The Home Office

My office has been the problem child of my home for a long time now. I get all the papers etc. under control and then I'm right back where I started two weeks later. It seems like I can never quite keep up with my inbox, real or computerized. My husband says it's because I do too many things between the design biz, the Feng Shui biz and my incessant need to create things. This makes for a very busy office space. Recently I decided to convert the big room in our unfinished basement into my studio. It will be a long process but very rewarding in the long run. No pain no gain right? 

The top two offices are sources of inspiration for my own Studio. I love mixing zebra, pink, black and yellow and gold together and these are two great examples of how you can do it without it smacking you in the face the moment you see it! Photos via

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  1. These are HOT! It's so rich and inviting that one who works in a home Studio (Like I do) would spend endless hours in these rooms...



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