Latest crush: Colorful accessories

I am very difficult when it comes to purses. I usually buy one and wear it out so it really has to work for all seasons. I will however buy a smaller purse for the summer months but more often than not, I end up using my main purse just the same. I just can't get into switching wallets etc. in order to use a different's just too much work for me. 

The bigger problem is that I rarely find a purse I like.......I literally have to fall in love with the purse for me to buy it. My present purse was in seriously bad the point where my husband was begging me to get a new one so I started my search. Over the last three months I tried purse after purse after purse without success. Not one of them managed to keep my eye for longer than a few minutes.....until the other day that is. And then I fell in love.

I know she doesn't look like much but wait.......

Now I've converted the purse to a more summery version. The best part is that I could've lowered the top  even more if I had wanted to. You can also change the straps so that it becomes a handbag instead of a shoulder bag AND there is an extra strap to turn this bag into a knapsack or a satchel. Now THAT'S A PURSE!

My new purse is made by a Canadian company called ESPE and here are a few more examples of their wonderful work! 

 Luggage tags and notebooks


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