Back to the Future

Imagine a world where voice communication did not exist and we could only text each other. How popular would the telephone then be and who on earth would still want to text! 

This world actually did exist. Prior to the development of the first commercial telephone in 1876, the only forms of communication were via letter (think Pony Express) or via Telegraph (old school texting). This aside from actually going to see someone in person of course! 

Can you imagine how tedious it must've been to use the telegraph to send a message? Endless amounts of time tapping on a little knob to get your message across? 

When the first telephone came on the market it was considered to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. It was revolutionary! Gone was the primitive time of writing or tapping out out your message. Now you just had to pick up the receiver, make a connection and voilĂ  you could talk to someone. It was magic!
Telephones have since shrunk in size and have been developed into complicated pieces of machinery. Where before they were large and chunky, with no function other than voice communication, they are now tiny little computers that find us restaurants and give us directions. 

The creme de la creme of phones is the iPhone. The iPhone has practically every function known to man. You can take pictures, shoot video, e-mail your friends, tweet, honk, holler, hoot, pin, follow and text in a matter of seconds. WOW! Now that's a phone! However, what many people don't seem to realize is that this hi-tech gadget they carry around actually has a built in telephone! 

Social advancement has apparently led us back in time because we are replacing a 5 minute telephone conversation with actual human interaction, with dozens of text messages. Hmmmm.....wait.....punching little buttons to get our message across.....doesn't that sound familiar? Oh now I get it.....the iPhone is a portable telegraph! 

I was recently asked what my million dollar idea would be and now I have my answer - The Telephone!


  1. Boy do I ever agree with you Tracey!

    I much prefer to talk than to type..not only is it more human to communicate by speaking with someone but I think that most of us talk much faster than we type...text, same thing. Thanks for the great photos that make this a very noticeable comparison.


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