DIY: Recycled Bottle Cap Light


This is a pretty simple and fun DIY. All you have to do is save your bottle caps, glue them together with a glue gun, add a light fixture and presto - a light is born. 


Line up your bottle caps to form 6 panels with one panel containing a hole for your light fixture. 
Glue the bottle caps together using a glue gun. 
Once the glue has dried, glue 4 sides and the bottom together (5 panels total) 
Add your light fixture with a bulb and then glue down the final panel. 
Keep in mind that the light bulb has to be the same size as your light fixture in order for you to be able to change the light (think Christmas light bulbs - oval shaped).  If you prefer to have access to the light bulb you can simply rest the top panel on the sides for easy access. 

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