Rustic Tables

Generally I'm not a big fan of rustic anything but these three tables all caught my eye. The first table is paired with up-cycled wood benches and tree trunk stools which blend perfectly with the table. The color of the wood also seems to blend in with the color of the ground which renders it somewhat inconspicuous. Somehow this whole setup has become soft to the eyes even though the components are quite basic - even rudimentary. The herb bouquet and candles are also a nice touch. 

This table is paired with stone benches, daffodils and crystal chandeliers. So rustic and yet so romantic. It's amazing how just a few items can totally change the look of a space no? 

And finally, this table just seems to be a part of the natural setting. The moss on the rock centerpiece mimics the moss on the tree. I think that if the chairs weren't there, the table would look like it had just sprung up from the ground. This image really shows how balance is key. The delicate chairs combined with the chunkiness of the table make for a beautiful setting. 


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